Global markets

Small scale LNG vessels required for distribution

28 Liquefaction Plants Operating and 10 Under Construction

Imports – Onshore and Offshore Plants

Main Drivers for Small Scale LNG

SSLNG vessels will be used for local distribution of gas brought on large ships:
  • Fueling power plants
  • Transportation (ships, trucks, etc.)
  • Industrial uses
Hubs potential throughout the world:
  • Europe
  • Caribbean / US Gulf
  • South America
  • Asia (e.g. Indonesia, Philippines, China, India)

All Types of LNG Supply Facilities are being developed

  • Local storage – An intermediary LNG storage
  • Bunker ship loading facility – LNG terminal accessible by small LNG carriers
  • Tank to ship bunkering – A local storage, where LNG fuelled ships can bunker directly from shore
  • Truck loading facility – A terminal, where LNG trucks can load LNG Some locations have serveral types of facilities, which is why the number of facilities is higher than the number of locations.